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If after being assessed clinically your contracture is considered suitable for percutaneous needle fasciotomy this can be performed in the same sitting.

The hand is prepared with an antiseptic solution and infiltrated with a small volume of local anaesthetic. Under aseptic conditions the dense contracted tissue is weakened with multiple passes of a small (25 gauge) needle. During the procedure you may feel a grating sensation but this should not be particularly painful. When the cord has been sufficiently weakened the finger is extended until the cord snaps (there may be an audible snapping sound). If there are areas of remaining contracted tissue further needling can be performed and a repeat manipulation undertaken in the same sitting.

After needling a small dressing is applied and the hand can be used normally straightaway, although heavy lifting should be avoided for 10 days to 2 weeks afterwards.

You can see a video of the procedure here
Percutaneous Needle Fasciotomy