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Risks and Outcomes
Percutaneous needle fasciotomy is generally a very safe procedure, however some complications are described. The commonest complication of needle fasciotomy is skin tearing, if the skin is tight then it may split during the manipulation. However skin tears, even fairly large ones, will normally heal with simple dressings in a fairly short (5 to 10 day) period of time. Other complications that have been described include digital nerve injury, digital artery injury and tendon rupture, though fortunately these are very rare.

Unlike open surgery needle fasciotomy does not remove the diseased tissue and therefore recurrence rates are higher than for open surgery. Quoted recurrence rates of about 50% at five years are similar to those achieved with collagenase but higher than for open surgery. However the recovery and risks of complications are much lower with needle fasciotomy and the procedure can be repeated at a later date if there is an appropriate cord.