Mr Jeremy Read
Hand & Wrist Surgeon
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Percutaneous Needle Fasciotomy (PNF)
Mr Read performs Percutaneous needle fasciotomy which is a technique for treating Dupuytren's contracture that can be undertaken in the clinic setting. This is a treatment that involves mechanically weakening the contracted cords of tissue  using the bevel of a small needle. The principal is very similar to collagenase in that the cord is weakened and then the finger straightened by manipulation.   Neither of these techniques actually remove the diseased tissue but both are effective for certain types of contracture to correct the deformity.

Unlike collagenase, percutaneous needle fasciotomy can be performed in a single clinic visit and has the advantage of being much less expensive.

There are limitations, as with collagenase, as to the type and position of contractures that can be treated by this technique. It is however possible to treat more than one digit at a time, and to correct some PIP joint contractures, as well as some recurrent disease.