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Trigger Finger Release
Trigger finger release is normally performed using local anaesthetic. This means that you will be awake during the procedure and able to go home almost as soon as it is finished.

The local anaesthetic is normally given a few minutes before the operation but may be earlier as its effects will last several hours.

Your hand will be cleaned with an anti-septic solution. After that sterile sheets cover your arm and keep the hand clean.

A cut is made on the hand in one of the areas shown in the diagram depending on the affected finger. The surgeon will then proceed to release the fibrous pulley over the tendon, you should notice a difference immediately. The wound will be closed with stitches, a sticky dressing and then a bulky bandage.

You will be given some pain killers to take home. You will be given instructions on how to care for your dressings and sutures following your operation. After about 2 weeks you can get the wound wet