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All procedures carry some risk these include some general ones such as Infection (fortunately a low risk for this surgery), Bleeding & there will be a Scar.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), which can lead to diffuse pain, stiffness and swelling can occur with any surgery. It can be found in 2-5% of patients after CTR but most of these will be mild. Taking vitamin C 500mg to 1000mg for 2 days before and 50 days after the operation may help prevent this

There are also some more specific risks:

Pillar Pain is pain produced by pressure  or gripping, in the heal of the hand that can go on for several months.

We are operating over the nerve and tendons so there is a small risk of Nerve or Tendon Injury.
The operation will take the pressure off the nerve but unfortunately due to internal scarring  the nerve may not fully recover so  there may be Only Partial or No Improvement.
Risks Of Carpal Tunnel Release